Hackers, Makers, and Local Shops

I just got back home from a nice walk in downtown Berkeley. While I was out, I popped into a little shop called A Priori on Vine street between Shattuck and Walnut. While I was in there, I had a really nice chat with Amy, the manager. The conversation left me both a little bit sad and a lot a bit excited, though.

A great post about pricing

One of the hardest things in running a small programming agency or doing freelance programming work is knowing exactly what to charge. When you are doing something which is essentially creative work and when you know from experience that the customer is going to change their minds about things as you go and you will discover unexpected problems along the way, it's very difficult to decide in advance what to charge for a project.

Forget about the mainstream

I just read about the SciFi channel's idea to change its name to SyFy and make itself more mainstream. It seems that they want to separate themselves from the geeky, nerdy image of Science Fiction and be "cooler". My first thought? DOH! How stupid can they be?!

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