The secret of my (in)sanity

Sometimes people ask me how it is, with my history and the things I've been through, I seem to be so "sane". This is funny, because there are plenty of people who think that I'm anything other than "sane" and my closest friends often say things like, "The thing about you is that your insanity is what makes you so sane." Yeah. That about sums it up.

But, really, I guess I'm pretty lucky in that despite the fact that I have some crazy struggles in my life, I do seem to make it through OK and I'm generally pretty healthy both mentally and physically. There are two secrets to this.

Run your Hangout as a person, not a page

You may be running a Hangout as part of an organization, but problems will ensue if you try to run your Hangout from within a Page.

A Page is an organizational Google+ site, and it is different from your individual Google+. This can get confusing, so let me explain it in the context of the Teachers’ Conference show so that you understand exactly what I mean.

Teachers’ Conference is produced by School Factory, so it ought to be in a Hangout created by a School Factory account. I have my personal Google+ profile, but it doesn’t make sense to be using that for my School Factory work. Instead, I can sign in to Google+ with my Google Apps acount and use that to run the Hangout.

Of Telephone Numbers And Death

Sometime in the next few hours my 509 area code phone number will stop working. You can still reach me at my 425 area code phone number.

If you do not have my 425 area code phone number and think that you should have it, email me. My gmail username is lishevita.


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