BrainMeats Podcast -- Episode 1 Occupy BrainMeats

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The inaugural episode of the BrainMeats podcast is devoted to the Occupy movement and what hackers and makers can do to support the protesters on the ground. Willow spoke over Skype to Ari Lacenski, Eleanor Saitta, Matthew Borgatti, Rubin Starset, and Smári McCarthy about the history of OWS, the meaning of illegibility within the movement, software tools for protesters, and more.

The episode is licensed Creative Commons: Attribution, Share Alike, Non Commercial

The music in this show is Utopia by YACHT.
The clip at the beginning of the show comes from a lecture by Ram Das played in episode 243 of the Psychedelic Salon podcast.

Smári writes more about the concept of illegibility within Occupy at

The RSA Animate videos mentioned in the podcast can be viewed here:
The Internet in Society: Empowering and Censoring Citizens
Language as a Window into Human Nature

Also mentioned:

A mobile tool for viewing what protesters and police are saying and where they are.
Briar is a secure news and discussion system designed to be used by journalists, activists and civil society groups in authoritarian countries.
The Guardian Project
Creators of Android apps and firmware MODs intended to protect communications and personal data from unjust intrusion and monitoring.
OWS_Solutions mailing list
The Free Network Foundation
An organization committed to the tenets of free information, free culture, and free society. They use peer-to-peer technologies to create a global network intended to be immune to censorship and resistant to breakdown.
A donation-funded Tor exit node project
A (non-secure) tool for communicating micro-blog-style for a specific amount of time to people within a specific radius around your present location.
Fluid Nexus security issues

Some GitHubs that you may want to contribute to:

A Web-chat and micro-blogging tool that can be configured to be “fairly annonymous”

(Please use the comments to recommend other GitHubs to add to this list.)

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