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Beginners' Advice

When I first meet a brand new skater I teach them the 3 fundamental laws of ice skating:

  1. Wherever your eyes are looking, that's where you are going.

  2. Whichever foot has your weight, that knee should be bent. (This rule is also known as, "Sit down!" )

  3. Keep your hands out to your sides, but don't wave them around.

Sniff the dog

No, don't you go sniffing the dog. The dog's name is Sniff. And he's a combination of really cool and really scary. Cool because, well, I like technology and you can do some really cool things with this dog. I mean, seriously. Scary because, well, you are sticking an RFID reader and a bunch of RFIDs in the hands of your KID. Let's see, can we think of a nefarious way to use that?

Do what you love

Life is too short not to do what you love. That doesn't mean that what you love necessarily has to be what you do for a living, or that you have to do what you love 24/7. It doesn't even mean that you should never do what you hate. Even the things you love most in your life are going to include some component in them that you don't like to do. What it does mean is that you should make a commitment to yourself to do the things you love on a regular basis.

Coaching the coaches

Yesterday at the ice rink was really cool. I had an entire night of coaching advanced skaters.

A great post about pricing

One of the hardest things in running a small programming agency or doing freelance programming work is knowing exactly what to charge. When you are doing something which is essentially creative work and when you know from experience that the customer is going to change their minds about things as you go and you will discover unexpected problems along the way, it's very difficult to decide in advance what to charge for a project.

Now that I'm a grandma I have to show you pictures

My first grandson was born on Thursday August 13th just before 4pm. He had a little trouble getting here, so he spent his first night in a special care nursery, but not to worry, he and momma are both fine.

This has been especially wonderful because all three of my kids were together for this. My youngest son and I traveled to the US for the whole summer just to be here for this, and my daughter came up from California as soon as her summer term courses were done so that she could meet her first nephew when he was born. My eldest son is the father.

Creating a new partition on a hard drive with Linux

I have been having troubles since I started doing development for embedded software with the amount of available space in my /opt directory. You see, normally, you put all of your cross-compilers and software development kits (sdk's) underneath the /opt directory. Unfortunately, when I set up my laptop and partitioned the hard drive, I didn't set /opt into its own partition and so it was sitting in the root (/) partition.

Coffee Cherries

My eldest son's father is Guatemalan and my son has spent many vacations down in Guatemala with his grandmother who lives in a small village surrounded by coffee plantations. He says that the people who grow the coffee say that you can't eat the cherries because they will make you sick and you can die.


I am hugely inspired by this five minute talk about Humblefacturing. This is exactly the sort of stuff that's been going through my mind in the last few months, but he takes it a few steps past what I was even imagining.

Traveling with babies and toddlers

An email just came across one of the Israeli immigrant lists I'm on asking for advice about traveling back to the US with an 8 month old baby. Should they bring a stroller? What should they expect? What about car seats? I have more than a little experience in traveling with kids, so here's what I think about the matter...


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