About Queen Anne's Door

Queen Anne's Door is another story that's been brewing in my head for a while. There is a concept called a "shaman's door" which is basically a type of concentric circles or concentric geometric shapes (eg. a square inside a triangle inside a circle) which is said to be used as a visual cue to help a shaman move from this world into another world in his or her trance state. I love this idea, and I have found many examples of art that could be considered shaman's doors in unexpected places on my travels.

Marshall Park in Seattle is actually a shaman's door that I have used in my own meditations. Even when I am far away from Seattle, I like to picture the park setting and the carvings on the cement there as a pathway to another universe inside my own psyche or outside of me, somewhere far away.

But, what would happen if shaman's doors were more than just psychological keys for meditation work? What if there was a real magic that could take you physically to another world?

Expect more stories about shaman's doors out of me in the future...